FIFA/FIBA players agent


The directors of GPK are licensed by FIFA and FIBA to provide all their clients with professional services that cover every aspect of the players career.

a. Contract Negotiation

Negotiating on behalf of a player requires a thorough knowledge of the legislation, exhaustive research, a complete awareness of the market place and the ability to present a case in a clear and authoritative manner. GPK in collaboration with its legal advisors fulfill all of the above requirements, therefore our clients can be assured of an excellent contract.

b. Financial Management

GPK offers each client with the highest level of financial expertise and integrity available. We work with experts at top international firms to bring the best financial planning services to our players. In addition, GPK assists clients with their personal finances by helping to establish banking relationships, secure home mortgages, evaluation insurance needs and tax planning services.

c. Personal Services

Our agency provides its client with services that are beyond their sports career. These include traveling arrangements, relocation assistance and medical referrals or any other service that makes life a little easier to manage.

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